Spring Break 2013!

The day is finally here! It’s time to announce our spring break trip! Last year’s big trip to North Carolina was a huge success and we are delighted to offer an equally (or more) awesome trip this year.  


This spring, we’ll be taking a group of participants to LAS VEGAS! Well, sort of.  We’ll fly into Las Vegas and usethat as our jumping off point for things that we think are way more exciting than neon lights and gambling: The Great Outdoors. 


We’ll start the week by putting canoes in the Colorado River at the base of the Hoover Dam. We’ll spend the next two days canoing down Black Canyon, stopping at slot canyons along the way to enjoy some natural hot springs. Could it get much better than that? Wait. Yes. Yes it could, and it does.


After that we’ll head to Supai, Arizona where we’ll take an afternoon to backpack down into the Havasupai canyon. We’ll base camp just below the most beautiful waterfall you’ve ever laid eyes on (see photos – no these are not photoshopped). We’ll spend a few days hiking and exploring this amazing canyon, learn about the culture and the history of this amazing place. But eventually, sadly, we will need to hike out and head home.


This is just a brief outline of what we’re planning. To learn more come to our information meeting Wednesday night, December 12, at 6 pm in our office.  




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